Beef Joints

Beef Bones

Braising Steak (Diced/Slicked) (UK)

Brisket (UK)

Chuck Steak (Diced) (UK)

Corner Topside

Feather Blade

Fillet Tails

Fore Rib (Boneless) (UK)

Fore Rib (Carvery) (UK)

Fore Rib on the bone (ENG)

Lean Minced Beef (UK)

Ox Cheek (UK)

Ox Kidney

Ox Tail

Rib Eye (Rolled) (UK)

Shin Beef (UK)

Silverside (Rolled) (UK)

Sirloin on the Bone (Eng)

Steak & Kidney (70/30)(UK)

Topside (Rolled) (UK)

Whole Fillet (Eng)

Whole Rump (Boneless)

Whole Striploins (8kg+)

Whole Striploins (Eng)

Portion Controlled Steaks

Fillet Steaks


Rib Eye Steaks

Rump Steaks


T Bone Steaks


Baby back ribs

£4.95 per KG

Belly pork

£4.25 per KG

Caul fat

£2.95 per KG

Diced pork

£4.40 per KG

Lean minced pork

£4.40 per KG

Loin pork (boned/rolled)

£4.25 with trim waste per KG

Loin pork (on the bone)

£3.80 per KG

Loin pork steaks

From £1.00 each

Meaty spare ribs

£4.60 per KG

Minced belly pork

£3.65 per KG

Pigs kidneys

£2.45 per KG

Pigs liver

£2.10 per KG

Pigs trotters

£1.50 per KG

Pork escalopes

From £1.20 each

Pork scratchings

£33.00 per 5KG bag

Pork tenderloins

£6.95 per KG

Whole leg (boneless)

£3.95 per KG

Whole leg (on the bone)

£2.95 per KG

Whole shoulder (boneless)

£3.65 per KG

Whole shoulder (on the bone)

£2.95 per KG

Whole and Suckling pigs are available on special advance orders.

English Lamb

Barnsley chops

£10.95 per KG

Diced lamb (leg)

£9.99 per KG

Lamb cannons

£23.95 per KG

Lamb henrys

Price on application

Lamb kidneys

£4.95 per KG

Lamb liver

£3.30 per KG

Lamb rumps (8oz)

£3.80 each

Lamb shanks (16oz)

£3.95 each

Lamb steaks

£13.50 per KG

Lean minced lamb

£5.95 per KG

Loin chops

£10.95 per KG

Neck fillets

£11.95 per KG


£26.00 per KG

Rack lamb (french trimmed)

£13.35 with waste trim per KG

Saddle lamb (debarked)

£7.00 per KG

Whole lamb for spit roast/BBQ

£7.95 each

Whole leg (boned/rolled)

£9.95 with waste trim per KG

Whole leg (on bone)

£8.45 per KG

Whole shoulder (boned/rolled)

£7.45 with waste trim per KG

Whole shoulder (on bone)

£7.30 per KG

Seasonal imported Lamb or Mutton available on special request depending on requirements.


Chicken carcases

£0.75 per KG

Chicken drumsticks

£2.85 per KG

Chicken legs (oystered)

£0.75 each Per KG

Chicken liver

£2.25 per KG

Chicken strips (breast meat)

£4.80 per KG

Chicken thighs

£2.85 per KG

Chicken wings

£2.25 per KG

Cornfed chicken supremes

£1.35 per KG

Cornfed whole chicken

£3.69 per KG

Diced chicken (breast meat)

£4.40 per KG

Half chickens

£2.95 per KG


£2.50 each

Quarter chickens

£2.65 per KG

Skin on chicken supremes

£1.30 per KG

Skinless chicken fillets

£1.20 per KG

Smoked chicken fillets

£2.25 per KG

Tray of chicken fillets (5kg)

£22.00 Per 5kg

Whole chickens

£2.65 per KG


Diced turkey (breast meat)

£6.10 per KG

Turkey breast (boned/rolled)

£5.95 per KG

Turkey escalopes 8oz

£1.40 each

Turkey Steaks

£6.95 Per kg

Whole turkey (hens) 5kg+

£5.95 per KG

Whole turkey (stag) 14kg+

£3.45 per KG


Duck breast

£12.25 per KG

Duck fat

£5.50 per KG

Duck legs

£5.95 per KG

Duck liver

£5.85 per KG

Foie gras frozen

£22.95 per KG

Gressingham Duck Breasts

£13.95 Per kg

Smoked duck breasts

£19.95 per KG

Whole duck

£3.49 per KG



£9.95 per KG


£5.95 per KG

Goose fat 1kg tubs

£7.99 per KG

Venison and Game

Diced venison

£8.60 per KG

Venison Fillet

£27.85 Per kg

Venison saddle prepared to chef requirements

£16.50 per KG

Venison steaks (6oz)

£4.25 per KG



£2.65 Per kg


£4.65 per KG

All Birds are only available in season and subject to availability which cannot be guaranteed!


Calves liver

£9.50 per KG

Veal bones

£1.10 per KG

Veal escallops

£9.50 per KG

Veal topsides

£12.50 per KG

All other Veal cuts are available on special order.



£3.95 per KG


£3.95 per KG

Pork and leek

£3.95 per KG

Sweet chilli

£3.95 per KG

Tomato and basil

£3.95 per KG

Traditional pork

£3.75 per KG


£6.50 per KG

Other flavours can be made to order by special request.



£1.10 each

Lamb and mint burgers

£1.10 each

Bacon / Gammon

Diced gammon

£3.95 per KG

Gammon hocks

£2.50 each

Gammon slippers

£3.50 per KG

Horseshoe gammon

£3.95 per KG

Smoked back bacon

£9.50 per 2.27KG pack

Smoked horseshoe gammon

£4.80 per KG

Smoked streaky bacon

£10.50 per 2.27KG pack

Unsmoked back bacon

£9.00 per 2.27KG pack

Unsmoked gammon steaks

£1.80 Per kg

Unsmoked streaky bacon

£10.00 per 2.27KG pack

Unsmoked whole gammon B/Less

£3.80 per KG

Whole gammon on bone

£2.95 per KG

Whole green backs ches – oak

£6.00 Per 2.27kg pack

Whole smoked backs ches – oak

£6.60 Per 2.27kg pack

Cooked Meats

Half gammon ham

£6.50 per KG

Sliced beef topside 500gm packs

£11.95 per pack

Sliced chicken 180gm packs

£2.00 per pack

Sliced ox tongue

£7.20 per KG

Sliced turkey 500gm packs

£5.95 per pack

Wiltshire honey glazed ham

£6.95 per KG

Continental Meats

Ardennes pate 1kg

£7.00 Each

Black pudding rings

£2.25 Each

Black pudding whole stick

£3.00 per pack

Brussels pate 1kg

£7.00 Each

Chicken liver pate 1kg

£8.00 Each

Chorizo sliced 500gm

£7.50 per pack

Panchetta sliced 500gm

£8.80 per pack

Panchetta whole

£8.80 Per kg

Pastrami sliced 500gm

£8.00 per pack

Pepperoni sliced 1kg

£9.65 per pack

Prosciutto sliced 500gm

£9.00 per pack

Salami sliced 500gm

£8.05 per pack

Salt beef sliced 500gm

£7.50 per pack

Whole chorizo stick

£14.00 each